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Welcome to Montessori Academy of London's
Online re-enrolment

Please complete and Submit the Re-Enrolment Form electronically.  
In addition, please return the following to the Main Office by Friday, February 23, 2018.

1. Confirmation of Re-Enrolment (One per child - Included in the Re-Enrolment Package).

2.  Signed Code of Ethics Affirmation (One per child - Included in the Re-Enrolment Package).

3. Enrolment Deposit of $1,250 (please note that enrolment deposits paid by credit card through the online re-enrolment form are $1,250 + $35 service fee).

4. Post-Dated Cheques for the balance of Tuition in accordance with the Tuition Fee Schedule and selected payment plan.

5.  Toddler & Casa Only: Hot Lunch Fee payments in accordance with the Tuition Fee Schedule.

  • Post-Dated cheques are required by Plan A and B.  
    Plan C Hot Lunch Fees may be included monthly.

 Please download or print the following PDF documents for your reference:

  Tuition Fee Schedule
  Direct Debit Authorization Form
  Application and Enrolment Policy
  Fees Policy
  Code of Ethics - Toddler & Casa
  Code of Ethics - Elementary
  Parent Handbook



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Junior High
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